Introduction to Major Prophets

The Prophetical Books are chronologically separated into three distinct periods.

  • Pre– exilic period.  Most of the prophetical books were written in this pre–exilic period before Judah and Israel were taken captive. These prophets challenged God's people to return to the LORD as the Law said lest the judgments written in the Law would take place including captivity. These twelve books were written during the 2 Kings period.
  • Exilic– period.   Only Ezekiel and Daniel were written during the time God's people were hostage in foreign lands.
  • Post–exilic period.    Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi were written after the exiles returned back to the land. The northern kingdom which was taken to Assyria was not heard from again. Only a remnant of Judah returned from Babylon.

There are other ways to view the prophets such as major (longer) and minor (shorter) or the place of their recipients (i.e. north or south kingdom, other countries).

Major Prophets:-


  1. Isaiah : The Prince of the Prophets
  2. Jeremiah : The Weeping Prophet
  3. Daniel : The Spokesman / Beloved Prophet
  4. Ezekiel : The Visionary Prophet